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Class Notes May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Agustín Orozco, Muir '93

Summer Bridge. During the summer before his freshman year, Agustín Orozco, Muir '93, enrolled in the Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS) Summer Bridge program. His GPA and SAT score were below UC San Diego's standards, so he joined other incoming students to live on campus for one month and get up to speed.

"My time in Summer Bridge totally shaped my experience on campus," says Orozco. "And consequently, the way I see the world."

A former AS President, Orozco had always envisioned a career in politics but later realized it wasn't for him. "I looked around at the people who were my role models and they had such an influence on students," he says. "I wanted to give back what they had given to me."

After working at the University of San Francisco and UC Santa Cruz, Orozco returned to UCSD and is now assistant director of OASIS, where he oversees Summer Bridge, the Academic Transition Program and TRiO Student Support Services—helping students with their course schedules and providing course workshops and student mentors. Ever giving, the real challenge for Orozco is saying no—in 2011, OASIS's Transition Programs had 165 spaces available, and over 400 students applied.

"We want those students to feel like they have a place to belong," says Orozco. "A home away from home."