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Up Front May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

I was rereading your article on the Ché Café in the January 2010 issue and it brought back memories.

There were only three colleges then, the third was about to be named Lumumba Zapata. I worked in the Hut my first two years at UCSD, then transferred up north. I believe the name of the manager (a big, gruff guy) was Holly. The teriyaki beef was the big hit. It was very good, we sold tons of it. And I was proud to have served hot dogs to Harold Urey. It sounds like the Hut went through a lot of changes and it seems like it got a lot more interesting! My stepson was at the campus recently, applying to UCSD. Six colleges? When did that happen?
C.J Hirschfield, Muir '74

In the May 2011 issue, the article titled "Geisel at 40" contained an error. We stated: "In 2001, artists John Baldessari and Roy Macon transformed Geisel Library's foyer with Read/Write/Think/Dream, a Stuart Collection installation." It was not Roy Macon but Roy A. McMakin, Warren '79.

Also we apologize for omitting to mention that the photos used in the two features "Growth Spurt" and "Geisel at 40" were published with the kind permission of Mandeville Special Collections Library, UCSD.

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Excuse this brief interruption while we take a moment to congratulate ourselves. The UCSD Alumni Association was recognized in three different categories by the Council for the Advance­ment and Support of Education (CASE) at the CASE District VII conference in San Francisco, in November.

The Association won three Awards of Excellence for its creative use of technology, new programs and general interest magazine. It received a gold medal award for its innovative “AlumnIdea” crowdsourcing microsite that allows alumni to give interactive feedback; a gold medal award for the “Discovery Ambassador Initiative,” a program that reconnects alumni with the University; and a silver medal award for the magazine, which we hope you are happily perusing.