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Giving Update May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

Inventing the Future: $50 Million Student-Support Campaign Pushes toward Goal

55% of undergraduates qualify for need-based financial support

Only 16% of graduate students receive fellowship support

There’s no question about it—our students are tomorrow’s leaders and innovators. Yet at UC San Diego thousands of students need scholarships or fellowships to support their education.

Three years ago the campus launched Invent the Future: The UC San Diego Student Support Campaign, seeking to raise $50 million to help meet their needs. As the University nears the conclusion of the campaign, the campus community, alumni, parents and friends are all rallying to reach this historic goal.

Scholarships raised have helped impressive students like Dustin Harris, Warren ’13, an undergraduate majoring in Human Biology with minors in Theatre and Psychology. Upon graduation, Harris plans to apply to medical school with the goal of helping others as a physician.

“My parents both lost their jobs my freshman year,” said Harris. “Since then, I’ve worked on campus to help cover the cost of my education. Scholarship support has helped fill the gaps—including books and a computer.”

While scholarships make the difference for under­graduates, fellowships are crucial to the success of graduate students—like Britt Flaherty, whose algae research holds exciting possibilities for the future of biofuels and green energy. Flaherty also participates in science outreach programs for high school students. Yet, finding the funding to support her endeavors is a challenge.

“Being a grad student poses financial challenges,” says Flaherty. “You can’t really save money and you have unique needs—a fast computer, textbooks, special computer software—that can be very expensive.” Flaherty continues, “Thanks to fellowship support, I can focus on my research instead of worrying about budgeting for the week and whether or not I can afford to order in dinner when I have a late night in the lab. Fellowships make science possible, and I am so grateful for the support.”

Now, you have the unique opportunity to play a key part in Invent the Future, UC San Diego’s largest scholarship and fellowship campaign ever. Even more important, you ensure that ambitious and motivated students from all backgrounds have access to UC San Diego. To make a gift of any size, please visit InventTheFuture.ucsd.edu.