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Campus Currents May 2007: Volume 4, Number 2

A Second Geisel

Two Geisels? No, not a second library—UC San Diego’s University House is getting a fresh new start, and a new name to go with it.

Declared uninhabitable back in 2004, the historic house has been approved for renovations and will go back to being the chancellor’s residence. In addition to architectural changes, the renovation project will honor longtime supporters of the University. The house itself will be formally named “Audrey Geisel University House,” or “Geisel House” for short, to honor the long-time UCSD friend and supporter, the widow of Ted “Dr. Seuss” Geisel. Additionally, the large public meeting room will be named the “Rik and Flo Henrikson Commons,” after the couple who established the Rik and Flo Henrikson endowment fund.

The UC Regents recently cleared the $10.5 million budget, which will be paid for by private funds, to renovate and restore the house. Fully equipped with reception areas, meeting rooms, courtyards and patios, the house will also be a venue for events honoring, faculty, staff and students.

Located on prime real estate, standing on seven acres of La Jolla Farms, the house also provides a stunning coastal view of the Pacific Ocean.

—Mina Nilchian, ’14